Check out this great article by the wonderful and delicious Eric Ethington to learn more about this jackass:

Basically, he says people should be able to discriminate against LGBTs in areas of work and housing. I hate to use the old cliched Nazi comparison, but felt it was particularly appropriate in this instance. Here is my letter:

Dear Councilman Topham,

I must say I find your comments about the LGBT community to be inflammatory, bigoted, and dangerous. As a councilman, your job is to represent the people of your community, not insult them. LGBT suicide rates are already dramatically higher than those of their heterosexual peers, as are murder rates. As an elected official, you were given the responsibility of representing your community, many of whom are gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender. If you spread the message that LGBTs should be discriminated against, that threatens the lives and safety of about a tenth of the people in your city. Do you really want to be responsible for people going homeless because nobody will house them? Do you want to be responsible for people being unable to work because nobody will hire them? If you spread the message that it is okay to discriminate, that leads to violence. If a person thinks that he has no future, no right to work or live in a home, he may give up hope and kill himself. You need to stand up and speak out against violence and discrimination. We are people just like you, trying to live our lives the best we can.

In Utah, every resident has a right to work. Every American has the right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” And the right to live, according to state law, includes the right to work. By saying it is okay to discriminate and deny people jobs, you are breaking the law, Mr. Topham.

Why are LGBTs such a threat to you? We exist everywhere. You probably come across dozens of us every day, without even knowing it. We are in your schools, your court houses, and in your neighborhood. Whether you like it or not. So please, Councilman. Treat us with some dignity. We deserve the same rights as anyone else. Because if you discriminate against one group of people, that opens the door to discrimination against anybody, for any reason. One day, Mr. Topham, you might find yourself in one of those groups. Remember the Holocaust, Councilman? Hitler began the Holocaust by restricting Jews’ rights and removing them from their professions. Do you want to be associated with that kind of attitude toward one group of people? Remember the past, Councilman, or you shall be doomed to repeat it.

Thank you for your time.